About Austin Theatre Project

Mission Statement

To demystify the process becoming a professional actor and help inform actors in a way that doesn’t rely on “secrets”, but solid practical advice.

We always seek to have our information and lists validated by industry professionals to insure quality, and we are always fine tuning our site. Our Mission is to offer clear, concise and easy to access information to help benefit actors and theatre makers around the world.

I desperately want to hear more from all my visitors, so if you want to ask a question or contribute an article or even if it’s just an idea for the site, please shoot me an email. I read them all!

How to get around

Austin Theatre Project offers a wide range of information. So how can you use it all to your advantage? Well this is how… We have a section dedicated to Shakespeare, which includes monologues. We also have a range of articles written by both the Austin Theatre Project team and other contributors. We also have a fantastic collection of useful lists for everything from best acting schools to best playwrights of all time. I recommend just taking some time to explore. As I mentioned above the site is constantly evolving, so you’re always best to dig around and find some great insights into acting.


On each page there is a ‘Leave a Reply’ section. If you disagree with us, or want to start a discussion around any of the topics raised in a particular article or list, please do. You can also contact us directly and let us know what it is you want from the site. If you are interested in reviewing or writing for Austin Theatre Project contact us via the contact page.