Amazing Donut Bun Hairstyles to Try

Do you love donuts? Do you enjoy showing off your hair in a new style? We have some great bun hairstyles for women with long hair. The first is the top knot bun, which uses one side of the hair to create a knot on the back of your head. The second is the braided ponytail, similar to an updo but includes two braids on either side of your head. Finally, there’s the low braid bun that looks like a tight French braid on top of your head and then tucked into itself to create a neat little circle shape.

Donuts have many different meanings. They can be sweet treats, breakfast food, or even a hairstyle! If you’re looking for some easy and fun new hairdos this summer, then donut bun hairstyles are just what you need.

Donut buns are perfect if you want to try something new but still stay on the conservative side. It’s not too hard to do at home with some bobby pins and hair ties, so give it a try today.

How to do a donut bun?

This is how I do my donut bun, and it always comes out perfect. I created this hairstyle before even knowing what a donut was, so believe me when I say that this is the simplest hairstyle that exists! After I created it, people started calling it “donut bun” or “doughnut bun.” So now, if they ask me how to do a donut bun, I tell them step by step how to create my simple messy double bun hairstyle! You can make your doughnut using an old sock or buy one in a local shop. If you have long, medium, or even short-length hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you! I always wear my double topknot for a casual day out, but it looks equally good if you dress up a bit and go out in the evening too. This style might seem complicated to do at first, but after you see this tutorial with step-by-step photos once or twice, you can manage your doughnut bun pretty well.

Sock bun hairstyles tutorial

Now that you have seen how to make a sock bun hairstyle, it is time to learn how. This tutorial will show you how to make a sock bun in just a few easy steps.

sock bun hairstylesTo start, gather the supplies you will need. You will need a hair elastic, a sock, and bobby pins.

Next, put your hair in a high ponytail. If you have shorter hair, you may need to use extensions or rollers to create enough hair to work with.

Cut the toe off the sock and pull it over your ponytail. The sock should be stretched so that it is about twice as long as your ponytail.

Wrap the sock around your ponytail and use bobby pins to secure it in place.

Tug on the sock to create a bun, and then use additional bobby pins to secure it in place.

You can also style your hair around the bun for a more finished look.

And that’s how you make a sock bun hairstyle! It is a quick, easy, and stylish way to change up your hairstyle. So, give it a try today!