French-Girl Fringe Bangs Hairstyle: Cut, Style and Care

Frustration over lack of inspiration for a new fall hairstyle? Fear not, women of the world! Take a cue from our French sisters and add some fringe bangs to your repertoire. This easy style update is perfect for adding a touch of glamour and enhancing your look, whether you choose thin or thick bangs. Keep reading for tips on how to achieve the perfect French-girl fringe bangs hairstyle.

Don’t let lack of hair inspiration keep you from rocking a stunning new look this fall – try out some French-girl-inspired fringe bangs instead! This style update is perfect for all hair types and can easily fit your specific needs and preferences. Keep reading for tips on how to achieve this chic look.

French girl bangs: the latest trend in hairstyles

The French-girl bang, or fringe as we call it in the States, has been spotted on an array of fashionistas, from street style stars to bloggers and models. If you’re not familiar with this hair trend, let us fill you in: It’s a grown-out pixie cut gone bad (in a good way). Think shaggy and textured — not disheveled — that only requires about five minutes of styling time before you run out the door. First, we caught up with a celebrity hairstylist. Keep scrolling for step-by-step tutorial.

  1. fringes bangsUse a 1-inch curling iron to create loose waves in your hair.
  2. Pull out pieces around the face using your fingers for more of an undone look versus using a brush, which will give you sleek ‘dos.
  3. Spritz texturizing spray all over, flipping in different directions to break up pieces and remove excess oil or shine to keep the product in place without making hair greasy or flat.
  4. Take a wide-tooth comb and run it through the rest of your hair.
  5. “Pull out more texture with your fingers, adding a subtle bend to the ends,” he said.
  6. Use a dry brush for an undone touch or smooth down flyaways if you prefer a sleeker look versus dirty bedhead locks.

Reasons why French girls always have the best fringes bangs

There are plenty of reasons why french girls’ haircuts are so popular. French women have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them stand out from the rest, and their hairstyles are no exception. Here are some of the best reasons to get a french haircut:

French haircuts are flattering for all face shapes

Unlike many other hairstyles, french haircuts can be flattering for any face shape. They add width to narrow faces and length to long faces without making them look too busy or overdone.

French haircuts are low-maintenance

Unlike many other high-maintenance hairstyles, french haircuts are very low-maintenance. They can be washed and styled in a matter of minutes and don’t require a lot of fuss or maintenance.

French haircuts are stylish and trendy

French haircuts are always on-trend and never go out of style. They can be styled in various ways, allowing you to change your look as often as you like.

French haircuts are versatile

French haircuts are one of the most versatile styles around. They can be worn at work, at school, or out on the town.